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Most simply put, mediation is a conference structured to help people end a conflict. Over the last 40 years, mediation has proven useful in helping to resolve most kinds of disputes. Quite commonly, mediation is used to help people and businesses involved in litigation avoid trial through settlement. Because of mediation, civil matters like employment or contract disputes and personal injury matters are statistically more likely to reach a settlement than to require a trial to decide the outcome of a dispute.  This also applies to people undergoing a divorce, or engaging in other family matters like administering an estate.

For the most part, a mediation conference consists of:

  • All parties to the dispute meeting with the mediator separately on a date set for the conference
  • Everyone involved provides the mediator with their view of the dispute
  • The mediator helps find common ground upon which everyone can agree
  • Building on that common agreement, the mediator helps everyone appreciate the advantages of being in agreement and putting it in writing
  • Mediation is private
  • Mediation is only binding upon the execution of a settlement agreement
Personal Injury Settlement Conferences

Personal Injuries

Car accidents, workplace accidents, animal attacks, injuries on businesses, public and private property, libel & slander

Mediation for Disputes between Landlords & Tenants

Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Evictions, rent, lease agreements, tenant and landlord rights, deposits, damage to property

Medical Malpractice Mediaiton & Arbitration

Medical Malpractice

Professional negligence in the diagnosis & treatment of patients and the use of defective medical devices to treat patients

Mediation for Divorce and Family Law Disputes

Divorce & Family Disputes

Custody, visitation, and child support; alimony, post separation support and equitable distribution; grandparent rights; premarital and post marital agreements; paternity; adoption; termination of parental rights and foster care; caring for elder parents and disabled adults

Real Estate Dispute Arbitration & Mediation

Real Estate Disputes

Contracts to lease, purchase, and sell property; condemnations; boundary disputes; damage to property; common areas, roads, maintenance agreements, rights of way, easements; homeowner and condominium owners associations; violations of restrictive covenants; title and liens on title

Mediation for Commercial & Business Disputes

Business & Employment Disputes

Employment contracts; creation & dissolution of businesses; workplace violence, harassment & discrimination; covenants not to compete; compensation and benefits; disputes between owners, boards, management, and employees; independent contractors; copyright and intellectual property

Mediation for Employment Disputes

Community Disputes

Conflicts involving local and state government, schools and education, churches, for-profit and not-for-profit organizations; race and cultural relations, gender identity and sexual orientation; discrimination and equality.

Mediation for District, Superior, and Federal Cases

Pending Court Cases

Mediation and arbitration are alternative dispute options for cases pending in District, Superior, Federal, and Tribal Courts

Mediation for Estate Litigation and Heir Disputes

Wills & Estates

Contesting the validity of wills and codicils; conflicts with executors, administrators and beneficiaries; trusts; intestate succession; debts and liens against estates


Mediator and Retired District Court Judge, Rebecca Knight


Mediator | Arbitrator
Certified Superior Court and Family Financial Mediator
Former Lawyer, District &
Family Court Judge
Marvin Pope's portrait


Mediator | Arbitrator
Certified Superior Court and
Family Financial Mediator
Former Lawyer, Superior,
District & Family Court Judge

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