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How Much Does Mediation Cost?

How much will mediation cost?

If you and the other party and the attorneys involved in your case agree upon a mediator and notify the court of your selection, the mediator’s fee will be arrived at by agreement with the mediator. If you and the other party cannot agree on a mediator, the court will appoint one. Rule 7 of the North Carolina Supreme Court Rules Implementing Settlement Conferences in Family Financial Cases provides for court-appointed mediators to be compensated at the rate of $150.00 per hour for mediation services plus a $175 one-time, per case administrative fee. Unless otherwise agreed or ordered by the court, the fee for services is to be paid in equal shares by the parties at the conclusion of the conference.

Source: North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission pamphlet “Mediated Settlement Conferences in Equitable Distribution and Other Family Financial Cases”.  Attribution: North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission

For in-person mediation conferences, payment is due at the end of the session by check, cash, or credit card. If the mediation conference is remote or virtual, mediation will be invoiced for electronic payment by credit or debit card, or through direct draft from a bank account. We can facilitate payment by phone using Square.